Catching the Moment: How to Capture Picturesque Nature in Cuba

Cuba is a beautiful country full of amazing wildlife, luxurious nature, and picturesque landscapes. It’s no wonder why so many photographers are drawn to the island to capture its beauty. However, how can you be certain to get those perfect shots? The following article will give you some guidance on creating perfect nature pictures of Cuba.

Sunrise Shots

Sunrise photography
One of the best times to capture Cuba’s natural beauty is at sunrise. Whether it’s to get the perfect lighting for the mogotes of Vinales or seeing the birdlife as they are eating in the morning. This time of the day brings perfect photo opportunities.

With modern technology, like the help of apps, giving you information about the weather, time of sunrise and cloud alignment, you can perfectly plan your sunrise picture opportunity. Whereas in Cuba, you must go a little more ‘old-school,’ as apps, the internet and the likes are not always readily available. So be prepared to experiment with different settings and angles!
Remember, the early morning light tends to be cooler (higher blue) than light in the late evening, which leans toward warmer color casts consisting of orange and red.

Since there are different color temperatures at work here, depending on the look you’re after, you might need to adjust your photos. You can do this through your camera’s white balance settings, through warming or cooling filters, or via adjustments in post-production – where you’ll need to add or remove warmth to achieve the perfect final photograph.

Sunset Shots

Sunset Photography
Early evening is the best time of the day for a sunset picture, as this period offers some of the most dramatic skies. When capturing sunset landscapes, you want your frame to be wide and all-encompassing. This gives the scene a bigger sense of scale and grandeur. Sunset photography means slower shutter speeds as lower light and smaller apertures are usually involved. Also, make sure that you shoot in RAW format, you can add white balance changes, exposure adjustments and gradients later in post-processing.

Beach shots

Cayo Jutias
Who doesn’t like a picture of crystal-clear waters and white sand beaches? Couple that with some dramatic branches of mangroves and you can create amazing beach shots! That is why we are taking you to Cayo Jutias. One of the most picturesque beaches in the world.

And if the mangroves aren’t enough, you will also find stunning and large sea stars here. This place is nature’s wonderland bringing you different textures and objects to play with. Make sure that you change your perspective and try different options from wide-angle to close-ups.

Make sure that you stay mindful of your surroundings and the environment, it is not only for us humans but also Mother Nature’s living space too.

Bird shots

Northern Flicker

Something very important to us is that we explore the birds in their natural element, making sure that we do not disturb them in their habitat. We are there to observe and admire!

A great bird photograph does involve several elements, such as the direction of the light, composition, background, positioning. Another important factor, mentioned in our previous article, is having a local guide who knows about the birds and their activities. The guide can give you direction with your gear, proper settings and the like. However, some of the most important elements are often overlooked, like having the patience and passion to capture a shot of these beautiful birds.

As for the camera, a decent APS-C or DX-format camera body with a telephoto lens of up to 300mm is more than sufficient to get amazing bird photos. Sure, a longer lens may help, but it isn’t the be-all and end-all.

So now you know the basics of photographing Cuba’s natural beauty. Remember to take your time and enjoy nature as it unfolds in front of you, not just through the lens but through your own eyes. With these tips under your belt and a little patience on your part, we’re confident that you’ll be able to create some amazing shots from this beautiful country and inspire others to do so too!

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